turkish bath towels

I have purchased a few new things to feather the new nest. Some, like these Turkish bath and hand towels from Zebuu (a lovely decor shop at Lansdowne and Bloor), are to replace things that are just plumb worn out (our linen closet was largely made up of things we got when we bought our previous place). When researching replacements, I decided to go with the Turkish pestemals because they are not as thick and therefore take up less space. They also use less laundry energy (it’s a great thing to have an en suite washer/dryer, but it does take more energy and time for thick, fluffy things to dry).

mod  daisy linen napkins

Speaking of being environmentally friendly, I also vowed to invest in proper napkins. I found these retro daisy linens at the Value Village. There are only four, but if I can find plain napkins in one of the colours of these babies, I’ll be all set.

mudcloth textile

Finally, I found this mud cloth runner from Mali in a neighbourhood shop called Latre. They also carry all kinds of locally made fashions, artworks from Six Nations, Inuit sculpture, Southwestern jewellery — basically this place has my number.