Midweek Modness: Tray Chic

Andre Morin Relish Tray 1

It’s been a little busy ’round these parts. Mr. Andrew’s family has been in town visiting and I went to Kitchener to see the parents and to visit my niece Madison before she left for university. I did get the chance to hit a few thrift shops in KW. Which is where I found this pop orange relish tray designed by André Morin in 1979. I don’t know a lot about Morin except that he created a lot of household objects for Canadian companies such as IPL and Baribocraft. This service has six modular compartments and section is signed “Collection Design André Morin Rd. 1979. Made in Canada.”

Deka 1

I also came across this groovy peacock graphic tray from Deka Plastics. It dates 10 years earlier than the orange Morin piece. Both will be going up in the GraciousGood Etsy Shop sometime this week.