To Do List

to do list

It’s the last week before Labor Day so I have been frantically trying finish up my summer to do list. Although we’ve accomplished a lot in the last three months (Moving! unpacking! Purging!), there are still a lot of little things like swimming in a lake or painting outdoors that I have yet to make good on.

On Tuesday, I was able to cross three things off the list. I scheduled my annual physical (which I had been putting off since April). And since I was in the neighborhood, I also went to the Bay to return a pair of pants that I had ordered online.

Thing three was an unplanned accomplishment. I took the underground PATH between my doctor and the Bay, I discovered that they are shutting down the shopping concourse between the Sheraton and the Bay, so the little jewellery stands were having closing sales. I had to stop to see if there were any super savings when I spotted this blue jade saddle ring. I broke my lucky jade saddle ring when I was in New York back in June and have been looking for a replacement ever since.

Today the plan is to take in some summer dresses to be repaired. At least they’ll be ready for next year.