Fall Footwear


One of my whole life makeover goals is to be more active. But it’s not easy to take long ambles in dollar store slides and second-hand chasseurs. So I budgeted a bit of my house money toward purchasing sensible footwear. I’m not sure if I was 100 percent successful, but these shoes are definitely a step up from what I’ve been wearing all summer.

My best buy is this pair of felted clogs by Camper. I got them at a Buy One Get One Free sale at Gravity Pope. I tried to get my niece to bring me back Campers when she was in Spain, but she refused. I am so in love with everything about them. Red clogs are my Proustian madeleines.

Denim Toms

I also got these denim Toms as the second half of the BOGO sale.

new balance

And finally, I got these New Balance sneakers online and on sale at the Bay.