Art Acquisitions

Ness Lee Painting and mini vase

Here’s a story. I have long admired the creations of Ness Lee. After the 2014 Toronto Outdoor Art Fair, I took a snapshot of a small painting and posted it on Pinterest with the caption “Somebody want to buy me this Ness Lee painting?” Well, over a year later the same picture is mine (although I had to buy it myself). I also picked up one of Lee’s mini vases.

eugene massin print

Another Value Village treasure is this print called “Executives” by the late Miami-based artist Eugene Max Massin.

Daniel Duek Narwhal

In other recent art news, I found a couple of frames on the sidewalk as well as a copy of Border Crossings with this image of a narwhal by Daniel Dueck. So I cut it out and framed it.