Future Fashion

4E005A13-78DC-4296-964E-EAF471010388A couple of weekends ago I got a little tipsy and was scrolling my social media before bed suddenly this window pane mesh dress from H&M popped up on my Instagram timeline. I almost screamed because I have had a similar gown on my Pinterest wants page for about two years. I almost screamed again when I clicked on the link and they had it in my size!

571FE871-D932-48D3-95FB-74B2715CE370For some reason I thought it also had pockets (did I mention that I was tipsy). But I’m not even mad because this is literally my dream dress. All other frocks will be put up for sale on Posh Mark or some similar site because I will no longer be requiring their services (not true, I still love my Marimekko x Uniqlo dresses).

CFF11CAD-8184-46E1-83CC-7FA4D6BFB437Let me model it for you! And yes, I know the tags are still on in this pic.

F372DC55-4066-450A-8688-40C8E24C56E7I also picked up a cute ruffle hemmed sweatshirt dress to wear with my favourite Hoibo pants. This is not the first time I’ve bought a pet for these trousers. They are literally the most comfortable pants I own, but because of the drape and the colour, they don’t work with most of my tops. I think this combo is successful. Still, this week I need to do a wardrobe reckoning and address the issues of my problematic wardrobe pieces — you know the clothes that you wear all the time even though they aren’t that flattering and the garments you never wear even though the look great but maybe aren’t that comfortable.

Unlike my new black dress which is perfect in every way!