Graduated Ball Bead Necklace

Sterling silver ball necklace

It’s been a while since I bought a bag of broken jewellery to sort through. Partially because the thrift shops around here don’t seem to do them up much anymore. I’m also trying to be more selective in my bijoux acquisition process. Less but better stuff.

However, I found myself at the Salvation Army on Parliament and they had a few loot bags lying out and I could not resist the siren song. I bought two bags even. One was a total dud, but the second had a bug tangle of sterling silver jewels, including this amazing graduated bead necklace. I have had a few costume versions of this style and have loved them except for their unfortunate tendency to turn my neck green.

This necklace has is a nice, long length as well. It looks great with a basic black sweater or tunic top. I kinda see it as an alternative to a strand of pearls.