Foot Patrol

python cowboy boot

My relationship with footwear is not a healthy one. On one hand, if i could walk around barefoot without freezing or getting dirty look in the 7-11 I would. I wish I never had to cover my feet ever. But since society and the environment have forced me to shod myself, I may as well go crazy with the shoes. I have too many shoes, most of which favour style over sensibility.

So for the last couple of months, I’ve been preparing for the winter by purchasing too much footwear. Here’s a peek into my shoe closet:

Pictured above is one of a pair of the most beautiful cowboy boots I’ve ever seen. They are low-cut leather and python and have a nice boxy heel, which sort of reminds me of young k.d. lang’s get up. They were a super score for like $5 at the Goodwill. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to figure out how to get them on. I forgot from my last dalliance with Western footwear that I have a really big arch that makes pulling on non-lace up boots next to impossible.

greem boots no brand

So I got some shearling-lined, lace up leather boots. I like them because they are green. They seem highly practical but loose sensibility points because they are used, and probably one size too big.

new shoes

These faux patent slip ons from Old Navy look great with my shiny leggings. They are also relatively sensible. If it weren’t for the fact that there’s no arch support they would seem like a sane person’s shoe.

new socks

I also have an ingrown toenail. I am convinced it was caused by having to wear closed-toe shoes. Steps are being taken to correct the problem, but in the meantime, open-toed shoes are the only footwear that doesn’t hurt to walk around in. And it’s getting too cold to be outside basically barefoot and therefore the only solution is socks and sandals. I purchased a selection of patterned socks. I actually became obsessed with finding a pair of grid patterned socks based on an image I saw on Pinterest. eventually I found what I was looking for at Ardene. Now I want to go back and buy like 10 pairs of each.