haeger bowl

I’ve been very attracted to ceramics of late. Take for example this Haeger Pottery bowl that I picked up in Kitchener a couple of weeks ago. It’s so simple but also very sensual. I love the cool feel of the clay, the subtle look of the flecked almost matte green glaze and of course the elegant shape of the vessel.

van briggles bowl

And here’s a little pot I picked up at the Value Village on Rogers Road. It is signed Van Briggle Colorado Springs. The glaze on t his piece is so beautiful. Again the shape of the vessel is minimalist, but the colour just glows!

I also seem to be particularly attracted to bowls. Maybe it’s because I can fill them up with pine cones and rocks and things that I find on my walks.

red bull 2

And because I’m a sucker for all things Mid Century Modern, I had to pick up this cool little bull. It is marked Italy on the bottom.