New York

uniqlo fur scarf

Mr. Andrew and I were in New York two weeks ago for a whirlwind 24 hour visit (and thanks to a good Porter seat sale). The Canadian dollar is kinda weak at the moment so we didn’t indulge in much shopping but I did pick up a couple of souvenirs from the sales racks.

We mostly just ambled around the city and even had a picnic in Central Park, even though it was quite cold out. Which is why the most useful purchase was this furry scarf from Uniqlo.

yayoi kasuma SPRZ NY MoMa Uniqlo Sweatpants

I went to Uniqlo specifically to look at the SPRZ NY/Museum of Modern Art collaborations. My sister’s family are big Andy Warhol fans so I thought some artist edition clothing would make a great present for our Secret Santa gift exchange. I bought these Yayoi Kasuma dot print sweatpants for myself.

madewell cuff

We also stopped by Madewell. I know a lot of ladies whose style I admire who are big fans. I am forever repinning their Madewell picks. In fact this brass and lapis cuff is on my Bracelets board. So I snapped it up without thinking twice when I found one in the Sale basket. Now it is on my Rocks That I Got board.