handknit moose sweater

Just wanted to give a shout out to some of my favourite handicrafts involving wool. I’ve been using them as decoration around the new pad because they a cheery and cozy and colourful which is important when the greyness of Canadian winter sets in. And because we lack wall and counter space in this apartment, they are also pieces that can be displayed draped over a chair or hanging from a hook.

Number one right now is this moose cardigan. I feel like it’s a 1940s maybe early ’40s piece based on it’s wide shoulders and metal zipper.

burlap purse

Next up is this embroidered burlap bag. I reckon that embellishing these bags must have been a popular hobby kit in the 1970s because the pop up all the time om eBay. Especially with this eye of god pattern.

Thai Bag

And finally this fun, fringed bag! I thought it was a pillow when I first saw it. It’s from Thailand originally.