Bag Balance

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Earlier this week I realized that I have achieved some sort of equilibrium where the majority of my wardrobe works together with the majority of my accessories. I think its because after years of searching, I have found the kind of classic pieces that Buzzfeed articles tell you that no stylish woman can live without. For example, the quilted leather shoulder bag pictured above may not be Chanel, but it is well made and reads as a classic.

ostrich bag

The same thing applies to this embossed leather handbag. It’s a sturdy, roomy bag that looks more luxurious because of its ostrich look texture (I’m assuming it’s faux ostrich — I found it at the Value Village and I’m not expert enough with skins to tell if its real). So fancy, well made thrift shop finds all round. Between the little quilted bag for ties when I don’t want to lug around a big satchel and my navy blue tote bag, I’m all sorted for purses.

croc wallet

I’d also been searching high and low for a decent wallet — my faithful red pocketbook was also second-hand and I was always overstuffing it with receipts and cards and stuff. Finally it became so stretched out that it gave up the ghost. Still, it took at least six weeks of searching for a vintage wallet hat gave me good vibes. I’m also fond of its colour and it’s embossed crocodile-look leather.

Now that I have everything I need. Now I have to stop acquiring everything I want.