Not only have I been paring down my possessions, I’m also downsizing myself. I’ve been on a diet since September and so far I’ve lost 40 pounds. I’ve still got another 40 to go.

To celebrate reaching the half-way point, I’ll share some of the lessons I’ve learned about dressing for diet success.

Jumpsuits are my new BFF. After two months I found myself swimming in my old clothes. The places where the weight loss is most evident is my behind and boobs. With no bum to hold things up, pants and skirts were literally falling off of me (and in public places). Luckily, one piece rompers are in fashion right now, and they hang from the shoulders so that they stay on.

Don’t shop (so much).  At first it was fun to reward my weight loss success with new clothes. But soon the new clothes didn’t fit anymore either. By the time I reach my weight goal, I’ll have dropped another two dress sizes. I can’t afford to update my wardrobe two more times.

At the same time, I put off purchasing proper support garments for far too long. Bras are expensive but it was becoming physically uncomfortable to continue wearing ill-fitting undergarments. So I splurged on two new basic bras. Another bonus: my existing but somewhat baggy clothes hang — and therefore look — better.

Purge. I’m now on my fourth round of making our living space more minimalist. Which means that I have find ways to be more ruthless in figuring out what to keep and what to set free. When your skirt falls down around your ankles in an airport (long story) it’s pretty obvious that this particular garment needs to either be altered, sold or donated.

I know that some folks would like to keep a set of  “fat clothes” on hand just in case the diet doesn’t work. But part of my everyday reduction plan is to have fewer things. So if I fail and have to rebuild my wardrobe, it wouldn’t take a lot of garments to fill my drawers.