1A45077E-2918-48AF-9EE1-BCCF77CE0A51I do like wooden things. I’m always cruising the second hand shops for hand-carved objects and household goods because they make any space feel warm and alive.

Here are some recent finds, starting with this Dansk mini cheeseboard. The handle is also a hidden cheese knife. Technically this score is Mr. Andrew’s. We were at Mrs. Huizenga’s and he discovered it while I was chatting with my friend Stephanie.

D87EFBE9-D500-4AE4-8971-0DA7993A38D2I found this East African tourist figure at the Value Village. A quick googling reveals that, while hand carved, this pose and style was pretty popular back in the day. I can see why, though. She’s pretty elegant in a minimalist sort of way.

C04289F2-D39B-44B1-AB50-1BCB969993ABI also got this dyed wood link necklace. Wood always makes for fun summer jewelry.

4642B49B-F97D-4BC0-81DD-F5544411D4C1At a different thrift shop, I picked up this hand-shaped napkin/letter holder. I cannot resist anything hand shaped. It is a weakness. But at the same time, this is a somewhat practical object, so I don’t feel so bad for splurging $2.99 on it.