The Final Clothing Countdown

blog robe

As I have mentioned in previous posts about paring down my purses and winnowing down my wardrobe, I feel like I have reached sartorial perfection. Here are two pieces that turned out to be key in unlocking a world of good looks. First off is the cashmere robe pictured above. I would have never thought that this style would work on me, and in fact bought it to sell in the Gracious Good Etsy shop. But it turns out that a belted coat is perfect for making the most of my evolving shape. You can’t beat camel as a great neutral and with our warm weather this month, it’s a wonderful layering piece.


And you can’t beat a classic Irish wool fisherman’s sweater. I’d become obsessed with finding one for at least a month. I keep seeing them paired with everything from skirts to flared crop pants. Plus they are super cozy. And hard to find. But last Friday we met a friend for lunch and I managed to spill soy sauce down the front of myself. I popped into a vintage pop up shop for a cover up and they had this lovely jumper — and it was only $10!

So that’s it. I have every thing I need, clothing wise.