Catching Up

201 back room

While we are quite comfortable in the new house, we are still tweaking and acquiring and purging things to make the space work at peak efficiency. So I thought I’d share some updated pictures of our pad (although I did another big reorganization last night so some of these photos are outdated already).

Above are examples of our Laundry Room objets d’art. We have limited surface space so why not hang everything on the wall.

201 bed blanket

I got this tassled knit Millenium Stripe Throw from the Hudson’s Bay on Cyber Monday. It was super cheap to lure you online and buy other things like a new point coat (I’m also behind on sharing updated wardrobe notes, but yeah, I bought myself a brand new set of stripes — it was on sale then and its on sale again now).201 bedroom

I also invested in some non-Thrift Shop art this year. I bought two archival prints by the photographer Christopher Wahl. That’s one of ’em pictured above the chair. I need to do a proper post on the state of the art collection. I need to do a year-in-review series of posts as well. It helps put all this hunting and selling and collecting into perspective.201 credenza

For example, there’s a great story behind this Fornasetti wall clock that also serves as a cautionary tale. I’ve also been planning to write something about fake floral arrangements. I need to sit down and focus on stories. 201 floating shelves

I’ve also done some crafty things like the Oopik restoration and the hanging of shadow boxes pictured above. I’ve been a DIY demon.