Midweek Modness: 1970s Seiko Hi Beat Automatic

imageSorry for the blogging break. It was an awfully busy weekend and I spent Monday and Tuesday trying to catch up! Plus the whole death of David Bowie thing put me in a (bad) funk.

But there is good funk in the world too. For example, I was in Kitchener on the weekend, visiting the family and checking out my niece’ gorgeous engagement ring. I had a bit of time to kill before my bus back to Toronto, so I decided to pay a visit to an old school clock and watch repair place to see if they had any old stock or abandoned watches. They did. They had a lot. The owner said he had box loads more at home. But because I am trying to downsize, I chose only one — this Seiko Hi-Beat Automatic.

It it is so super seventies! The chocolate brown, TV-shaped dial, the rectangular, brushed  stainless steel case, and the mesh strap are perfect. And it runs like a charm. Plus it was pretty cheap because it’s a ladies watch (even though it’s quite substantial in size.

Anyway, this Seiko is a solid chunk of funk. I’ve made plans to go back to peruse his other vintage pieces in February. in the meantime, I better start saving my pennies.