…But I Love It

imageJust a random assortment of recent-ish finds that have found themselves in heavy rotation with my winter wardrobe.

First is this Hermès homage scarf with a Kermit Oliver-style Katsina motif print. Nice and warm and just enough of a not-a-knock off (no fake signatures and rough printing) to make me feel uncomfortable about wearing a counterfeit. The colour works well with my Blue Jays trapper hat. A sidebar: I have no recollection of buying this hat.  I found it in my craft supplies box while I was looking for knitting stuff. While I’m distressed about experiencing shopping blackouts, The hat has proven quite handy during these cold January days.

Then there’s the big gold tone brooch. I love looking at brooches but have never quite mastered wearing them. For some reason this fancy late eighties, early nineties pseudo-Gripoux pin works perfectly with my ratty old yellow cardigan. And since it’s sweater weather, the combo is getting a lot of wear.

And finally the big red bangle. Not only is it a friend of yellow cardi, it’s looks great with my new Solange Azugary-Partridge Hotlips ring.

So not only have I reached sartorial Nirvana with my wardrobe, I’m extremely satisfied with my accessories as well.