Midweek Modness: Super Ceramics

image.jpegI’ve been trying to exercise more and shop less. Sometimes I use shopping as a carrot to make myself get outside for a brisk walk. For example it’s really cold outside in January and most days It takes all of my gumption just to get out from under my cozy blankets.

Why just this weekend, I made a deal with myself that if I walked to the Value Village, I could buy this cute walrus mug that I had denied myself  the week before.

And sometimes I use exercise to try and curb my shopping. For example, I will say to myself “the only way you are allowed to spend $3 on a mug is if you walk to the Value Village. It’s not worth $3 plus TTC fare there and back.” And I’ll whine, “but it’s cold out!” And then I’ll give myself a stern, icy look.

At any rate, I walked to theValue Village to see if this cool Almacraft mug was still in the store. it was part of a series of Inuit-style Canadian Wildlife patterns created by the British pottery.

The mug was still there! And I picked up this cool, Eames-era cheeseboard to boot. It was well worth the walk.