Some Seikos

imageI have a soft spot for Seiko watches. Especially for vintage pieces from the 1970s. The funkier and chunkier the better. One of my favourites is this square style. I love it’s deep green face, but the bracelet it came on was way too small. I have been wearing it on a silver Navajo-made cuff, but I had an idea that it would look better on a pink strap. I’ve been experimenting with different shades of rose and have decided that blush looks best (pictured above with a cool cat-printed box that I had to sneak in somehow). Now I just have to find a better quality, blush-coloured leather strap with the correct band width.


Another very specific  benefit of losing weight is that my Diamatic fits again. It also came with a wee integral strap but apparently I’ve mostly shed wrist (and neck) flab. Looks-wise, it’s a bit of a beater, but I still love it.