Neck and Neck

imageOne of the challenges of losing a lot of weight is what to do with loose, extra skin. I am told that it takes some time for a stretched-out epidermis to shrink (and even then, it will never be as taught as a 20-year-olds’.)

I’m too chicken to attempt any skin tightening surgery so I’ve been exploring ways to de-emphasize  my turkey neck. The first step is moisturizer and hydrate. The second trick I tried was wearing turtlenecks. Tight collars always make me feel like I’m being choked. Plus I think they actually made the saggy skin issue worse by drawing turtle comparisons.

Inspired by Susan Sarandon, I decided that by going the opposite direction and adopting a lot of plunging necklines, I could distract with my décolletage. So far so good. But what really makes this look happen is a long, sheer rectangular scarf draped loosely around the neck. Here are a few of my new best friends.

  1. (above) A gift from Aigle. Love the pattern and the gauziness of the fabric
  2. A Thrift shop find ( below). It’s shot through with metallic threads. Makes me feel like a model in the 1990s who solves crimes in her spare time.image
  3. The same but polka dots. I also picked a sheer black version.image.jpeg
  4. Okay, this vintage Yyves Saint Lauren scarf is not sheer or rectangular, but knotted like a cowboy kerchief it can still do the job.image