Bringing it Back

imageI don’t know why I done it, but I did buy a few things during my trip to Basel/Freiburg. The first thing was a wheelie suitcase. Actually, this was a planned purchase. I knew I would have to hit Baselworld full tilt when I arrived, which precluded carrying around a big suitcase from booth to booth. Packing light wasn’t a huge problem, but I also knew I would be accquiring all manner of press materials (and chocolates) to bring back with me. So I made a plan to bring a weekender in, and get a wheelie to bring things back.

I bought a suitcase in Basel last year because the luggage that I brought with me discombobulated. I bought a silver case (because the bag that broke belonged to Andrew) and it was semi problematic when I had to do a transfer and it looked like every other cask on the carousel. And when it got lost, it was hard to identify.

So I bought an orange wheelie (see above). Note, the case is made in Switzerland. As for the less necessary purchases….


My feet were tired from all the running back and forth and these red Crocs were on sale at a discount grocery store.

imageI was feeling bleak one day and then I remembered that my favourite things about Germany are stationery stores and curry wurst. So I bought a jar full of ink cartridges and a red made in Germany Lamy fountain pen. I have always wanted one bought for some reason they seem more expensive in Canada. It probably seemed like a steal in Germany because I misinterpreted the exchange rate. Either way, no regrets.

(The other pens are swag and an impulse buy Stabilo.)

imageI had a day off on Tuesday, so I tried to hit some second hand shops in Freiburg. I found this teeny tiny Aero Watch  pocket watch, which is not working but I thought it would make a pretty pendant to commemorate the trip. And on my last day in Basel on Wednesday, I went to a flea market where I found an old gold filled long guard chain to hang it from (long chains were everywhere at Baselworld).

The watch is Swiss Made, the chain is French.