Midweek Modness: Fakes

After a week in Switzerland — the land of cheese and chocolate — and a weekend in KW for Easter — the holiday of cheese and chocolate — I really needed to get back on an exercise routine. So on Monday I went for a long stroll along DuPont to Bathurst. It was a bleak rainy and cold hike. And I came across this place along the way.

It’s a place that sells Modern Furniture Knockoffs and it sells Modern Furniture Knockoffs. I oppose of such a places for conflicting reasons. One, the practice of knock offs can deny actual creators the cash that the need to live

Reason two is much more selfish. The more versions of an object that exist, the less valuable it is. And I have a lot invested in mid entity modern furnishings.

I’m not done clutching my pearls yet. Authentic century furniture is so popular that Etsy and 1st dibs can’t keep up the vintage supplies. And there are plenty of official reissues. Yet we still seek out these shapes and designs in knock off form. The egalitarian in me recognizes that the original intent of most of the mid century designers was to create furniture that was accessible to all.

And finally, the demand that necessitates knockoffs in the first place also points toward an over saturation of these pieces, which makes me (again, selfishly) feel that MCM just isn’t cool anymore.