Midweek Modness: Lucite Gucci Watch

imageI have long wanted to get my mitts on a 1970s era, lucite bangle watch. I’ve been stalking the inter webs for years waiting for one ( and preferably a model in Gucci’s signature red and green colour scheme) to become available with in my Thrift Club limit of $36. This never happened.

What did happen though is that Gucci brought the lucite watch during their Fall/Winter 2016 presentation. And then I wanted it even more. So much so that I was willing to up my budget and  spend more than than I normally would for a second hand item. I could not find one in Gucci tones, but I found a transparent lilac version with a chocolate dial in good working order and at an affordable price on eBay. I put it on my watch list.

Then I went to Baselworld and tried on one of the new versions and came home and hit the “buy” button. It arrived last Friday and I am in love. It stacks up nicely against my little lucite bangle collection as well!

One more grail watch checked off the list!