imageInspired by the sterling and sapphire paste necklace I got last week, I decided to finish fixing up two other retro rhinestone pieces I had lying about. The first is a Bond Boyd piece with emerald-coloured stones. I’ve already lengthened it by adding some gilt silver chain. But it was missing one of its pastes and I could never find a replacement through my usual channels. So rather be then not wear the necklace for an indefinite amount of time, I just glued in a slightly too big crystal.

And I had a set of screw back earrings by Coro. I do not wish to wear screw backs, so I straightened the bit that attaches the prong set green paste to the thing that holds the earring  in place. There was a little hole that the scream part originally, a then I fed a pair of extra studs I happened to have lying around through that opening. I like the effect. It’s a little more brutalist than the other pieces which is good because it makes all three objects feel more modern. Which is good because I’ve taken to wearing all three jewels at the same time.