Horn Aplenty

imageSo far during my ongoing downsizing adventure,  I’ve had no regrets about letting things go. Even things I sold in times of financial duress. There is, after all, a time and a place and a reason for everything. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t things that that I don’t miss. One of them was a buffalo horn bracelet from Hermès.

I used to buy myself a little present each time I reached a professional milestone like starting a new job. And Hermès used to hold a sample sale every two years. So I treated myself to a scarf and the bracelet. I never wore the bracelet because I was afraid of losing it, so when I had to make a Sophie’s choice between the two, I picked the scarf (which I do still wear).

Another reason I was able to let the Hermès go was because I already had a small collection of  buffalo horn bracelets. And recently, inspired by one of our hosts at Coachella who has some stand out Hermès pieces herself, I’ve added to the horn section with these two necklaces. The multi strand one is by Gerda Lyndgaard Monies, a Danish designer. I got it in a bag of broken jewellery (originally it had four strings). I love how the beads warm up against the skin.


I also picked up this very boho brass and horn necklace at the Value Village in Kitchener this week. And I brought out my fave carved Buffalo horn bangles (which also commingle nicely with my lucite/resin bracelet obsession. More about that next week…