Hostel Witness

imageMr. Andrew and I spent the last week in Iceland. We had many adventures and will spread my stories out over the week. But I’ll begin by sharing some pictures of our home base in Reyjkavik, The Kex Hostel.

image.jpgHoused in a converted biscuit factory (Kex is Icelandic for biscuit), this backpacker’s paradise is also a hub for music and food in Reyjkavik. This is the bar/restaurant.

image.jpegAnd this was our room for the first six days. The whole place had a very shabby chic/industrial vibe.

imageMost of the rooms are dorms but we started out with a double with a shared kitchen and bathroom. The common areas are pretty spectacular — there was always more people hanging out in the hallway than in the dorm rooms. The hotel’s designers actually sourced much of the furnishings in the States and shipped it over in containers.

image.jpegWe upgraded rooms for the last two nights. Our new suite was super: velvet couches, an incredible headboard and its own bathroom (with bath).

image.jpegLoved everything about it, the location, the ambiance and the view.