Midweek Modness: Inger McCabe Elliot

Inger McCabe 2One of my favourite things about digging through the racks at thrift shops is picking up something just because it catches my fancy and then coming home and falling into a research rabbit hole trying to learn everything I can about it.

Inger McCabe 3Take for example this colourful twin sheet I found at the Value Village on the weekend. I certainly don’t need linens, but the design just called out to me. The tag read “Inger McCabe Elliot for Martex.” A quick Googling revealed that McCabe Elliot is a former photojournalist, clothing and textile designer and socialite. She was also the model of the character Stockard Channing played in “Six Degrees of Separation.”

Inger McCabe 1

I’m guessing this pattern dates from the early 1970s. I keep thinking about how to transform it into a summer shift for next year.