Watch Haul

etsy shower clock 2I’ve acquired a few watches of late. So many that it’s difficult to go into deep detail about them. Also, some are for sale in the Gracious Good Etsy shop so you can check out the listings for more details. In the meantime,  I’m just going to post pictures of my recent finds, starting with this cool Flava Flav style shower clock from the 1980s. I actually found two of them, but I’m going to hang on to one for nostalgia’s sake — I used to rock a clock back in the ’80s (see below)!


Speaking of retro, here are some wind ups:

I’m selling the Chaika and the Barbie  watches, but I’m hanging on to the square-cased, fancy lugs model pictured on the top left for now because it’s cool and because Ostranders was the fancy jewellery store in my hometown of Kitchener when I was a kid. The Seiko and the Westbury (bottom right) are also keepers because they look like jewels. So much so that I’ve been wearing them together.

img_5366I’m also attached to this well worn bangle watch. I like its shabby chic-ness and Have been wearing it with an old Victorian half-mourning bracelet (more on that later). It works but the crown is broken so that you can only wind it, but you can’t set it.

blog jump hourNext up is a new watch. It is a Paidu jump hour watch that I ordered off eBay. I always wanted a jump hour.

blog kostabietsy timex 5blog casio watch haulAnd since we’re in the realm of battery operated timepieces, here’s a 1970s Electronic Timex — a forerunner of the Quartz. And representing the 1990s, I found this Mark Kostabi-designed Swatch (missing its original strap) and this super-cool G-Shock at various Value Villages.