Vintage Timepieces

blog MovadoOne of the reasons I’m going to Miami for Art Basel is to investigate the links between the art world and the watch world.

I’ve accquired and/or updated a bunch of vintage recently. So I’m sharing these new olds, starting with this Movado Museum watch. This design has been on my grail list since before I had a grail list — My former boss and mentor Kate Macdonald wore one. I got this at the Salvation Army for about $5.

blog nivadaI thought I’d posted about this Nivada pseudo étrier-style watch before, but I did a search of the site and it didn’t come up. I got is a while back but the strap was falling apart. I found a vintage leather strap at the Old Weston Flea Market. I like how the tan contrast with the blue dial.

blog ostranderI got this ol’ timepiece at the Vintage Clothing Show and sale, some weeks back, but it has taken me a while to find a nice strap for it. Fun fact: Ostranders was the swanky jewellery store in my hometown of Kitchener. And back in the day, jewellers used to buy movements and brand them with their own shop name.

blog rotaryMy friend Linda gave me this fancy-cased and rhinestone-set dialed Rotary watch from around 1951. I tried my usual tricks to get it ticking again, but without luck. I have another old timepiece that needs a service, I just have to find some time to get down to my watch guy.

blog mickeyAnd finally, another non-working watch. I love anything clear, anything mod and anything Mickey. I hope I can find someone who can make it run again (because my watch guy is a snob.