Time On My Hands

img_7446I’ve been a little under the weather this long weekend with a stupid cold that won’t let me sleep. I’d also been thinking about what’s left on my grail watch (and jewellery ) list. So from the comfort of my bed and blankets, I set myself a budget and dove  into a deep eBay hole to see what I could find.

First I had a couple of brands on my list including a Rolex and an IWC. There are a couple of affordable quartz IWCs on eBay, but this ladies Rolex Oyster was a real bargain (if it is correct, that is — we’ll find out when it arrives). Which meant I had money for a second timepiece.

img_7447I’ve had a hankering for a Jaeger LeCoultre Etrier for a long time. That or a Hermès Cape Cod. Usually ladies’ watches are so less expensive than men’s but that is starting to change, but not so much with the Etriers. I’m guessing that this one is affordable because the dial is a little dirty. Hopefully a good cleaning will restore some of its lustre, but I’m okay with a bit of wear.

These are the seller’s pictures by the way. When the new update old watches arrive, I’ll post more pictures/write more details.