Variety Show

img_7444I’ve been working on a contract at an agency near our old house in Little Hipsterville. In fact, the office is two doors down from our old apartment on Queen West. Yet in all the years that we lived downtown, I never really spent a lot of time hanging out in the convenience stores along that strip.

That has changed. Here is my report: many of these shops have racks of factory seconds and second hand clothes. I found this legit Max Mara jacket and Celine tshirt at a variety store that I had previously assumed was boarded up.

Another shop, just down the street, specializes in garments geared more to workmen (which is cool, on one fridged morn I bought a flannel because I was so cold) and knocked off Adidas, but for some reason they also have a decent collection of digital watches. I forgot my watch one day so I bought this cool Casio so that my arm wouldn’t float away.