Grail Goals

b;og ;ove 1As previously mentioned, I had a little bit of money to spend and I was looking to invest in getting some grail pieces — watches, jewellery or art that I have had my eye on for a while but couldn’t find/justify buying in the past.

I set myself a budget and then trawled the internet looking for the things on my list. I missed out on a few items on my wish list (outbid on eBay, gosh durnit, or still simply outside of my budget). But I did get to check a few things off the list, starting with this Robert Indiana designed Love ring Made for Ultima II in the 1970s. It even came with the original box. I have been looking to get my hands on this baby forever, but set my cap at $65. So it has eluded me until now.

blog grail watchesThen there’s the 1970s Jaeger LeCoultre Etrier and the 1957 Rolex Oyster that I wrote about earlier. Because I didn’t want the extra cost of import duties and crazy brokerage fees, I gave myself another limitation with this search — Canadian sellers only!

Of course, these aren’t the Ur-examples of each watch — the JLC has dial condition issues and the Rollie is a little small for the tastes of the resale market. That which made them affordable also makes them less viable as investments, but right now I love them to death!

blog yslAnd finally, last year I was at the Vintage Clothing Show and Sale and spotted this Yves Saint Laurent signed and numbered lithograph at the Ian Drummond Collection table. I wanted it so bad but did not have the moolah. And while it put me over my grail obtaining budget, I went back to the Show in hopes they might still have one (Ian had four, the framed one pictured here is his own personal print). And so now I have one too!

The print dates from 1995, when they were given to buyers and department heads when Opium Pour Homme men was launched. Only 350 were made.

So what’s still on my grail list? It’s not as big as it once was. Watch-wise, I still want a JLC Reverso, a Chanel Premiere, a Tag Heuer Monaco, a nice moonphase, A Patek Phillipe Nautilus or an Audemars Piguet Royal Oak — but this list is fluid. Jewelry-wise I want a big chunky amber necklace (and I saw a perfect one at the St. Lawrence market on Sunday, but like I said, I’ve already surpassed my budget limit) or an Art Deco era Pools of Light necklace. Art is always more of a piece-by-piece thing, but I would love to have  something by Shary Boyle, Lauchie Reid or Carly Waito.