Beauty Binge

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I was feeling rather dull and listless cosmetically. I decided to goof around with the makeup I had and quickly realized that not only that most of it was probably expired, it was also quite out of date. And my complexion has changed since I turned 50. And the products I had also didn’t mesh so well with my latest dye job.

Anyway, that’s more than enough ish to talk myself into giving myself a mini makeover.

First I did some poking around on Pinterest for makeup palettes that I though might suit me. I decided on a nude/neutral look. I am a very lazy person, so I was looking for a look that was pretty easy to achieve. And what’s simpler than nude?

I am also a cheap person, so I went to suss out the selection of makeup at Shopper’s Drug Mart. I got a half-price set of Quo travel brushes, some on sale applicator sponges, a blush and countour kit and a couple of eyeshadow palettes — maybe one too many in retrospect. But again, on sale and I used my loyalty points to pay, so basically free makeup!

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Here’s how makeup playtime turned out, crazy hair and all. Definitely feel brighter-looking.