Mergers and Acquisitions

D794B8DD-69B9-44F5-BBE9-D3C6CD544773.jpgLast weekend I borrowed Mr. Andrew’s Metropass and went on a thrift hunt. Here are some of the treasures I found.

Top photo (clockwise from top left): a fake Juste un clous bangle; a made in Mexico copper and onyx necklace; a brass and enamel bracelet; and a 1960s era tribal mask pendant. With the exception of the faux Cartier, these were all got at The Vintage Clothing Show and sale.

DCE7947A-15AC-4C52-AEA0-64C8935D013C.jpgHere are some Value Village finds: An Art Deco bowl from Primavera pottery in Longwy, France; a Swatch watch; more hand knit socks; and a lucky rabbit foot.