Shoe Me The Way

blog boostsWhy do I keep buying shoes? I have so many rationalizations.

Here are some of my recent acquisitions, starting with these Adidas Boosts I bought last week in NYC because my Swedish Hasbeens are not built for walking for blocks and blocks. They were on sale at Marshalls and at $33, I reckoned cheaper than having to take transit or cabs everywhere.

blog new shoesI should have packed these Adidas Shell Toes, but I was trying to travel light. I got these at the VV because I always wanted shell toes and I sense that my Stan Smiths will be giving up the ghost soon. Be prepared!

cole haan loafersAnother Value Village find. I couldn’t resist because (a) Red, (b) Loafers, (c) Cole Haan for $15.

blog mama loves you loafersOn the subject of loafers, I found this pair in the $5 Tickle Trunk at Mama Loves You Vintage, which is my favourite second hand clothing shop in Toronto. I will do a proper post on it later. Its also where I got these red Salt Water sandals. Red shoes are my neutral.

I would say that my shoe wardrobe is now complete, but you would know I was lying.

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