Shiny. Happy.

blog KW haul scarab broochBright, shiny objects also catch my eye. Especially bijoux with big oversized rhinestones.  Last week I went on a bling bender. My favourite find is this Japanned finished , stylized Scarab with a big pink glass stone. It has a c-clasp and t-bar pin, which would normally indicate some age, but my spider sense tells me that it’s probably French and from the 1970s (because they still used this kind of hardware in France up until the 1980s).

blog big jewelsAlso from the 1980s (I think) is this 800 silver, citrine paste cocktail ring (above).

I don’t know when this outrageous, faux amethyst clamper bracelet (below) was made, but I love it. I am adding both of these pieces to a stash I keep handy in case I’m asked to attend some sort of super formal event.

blog St. Lawrence haul retro rhinestone clamper braceletI wish I had a picture that showed off the shine of this high Hollywood retro clamper bracelet. So glamourous!

blog St. Lawrence haul retro blue rhinestone braceletThen there’s this Victorian Revival bracelet with cobalt blue glass stones. Both are. St. Lawrence Market finds from last Sunday. As is the bezel set crystal station necklace pictured below. It was broken and I have sort of sworn off buying broken jewelry because I have enough unfinished projects in my life. But this one was an easy fix.

blog St. Lawrence bezel set crystals