Things I Didn’t Buy

blog bike basketI want you to know that I don’t buy everything that I want. For example, I desired both the basket and the polka dot pannier bag that I saw displayed in the window above. And since they styled it with pretty much my bike, it was even more difficult to keep my credit card in my pocket.

blog north starsOr how about these vintage North Stars? I had the same pair as a youth. The exact same pair! Long story short: I really wanted a blue and white pair. My mom got me brown and yellow, which led to “poo and pee” jokes at school. Yet I was still almost compelled to purchase these runners because of nostalgia. The only thing that stopped me was that they were so far from my size.

blog beaver bomberThis beaver fur bomber jacket was neither in my price range or my size. But still so beautiful.

blog red rubber rain bootsAnd the only thing that kept me from buying some red rubber boots is that I already have two pairs of rain boots and basically no more room in our house for shoes no matter how red they are.