Ever Clear

Blog Susie LoveI’m a fan of Bunz  — a Facebook group where folks swap things they no longer want or need for things that amuse. I’ve got a few handy things to be sure. I’ve also met a lot of interesting people.

For example, Susie Love, a Toronto-based artist. I first met her when I traded a print and a painting for some cool jewels.  I ended up writing about her work for the Star. My brother in law admired her work from that article so I swapped some more stuff for an artwork for his birthday. On Monday I exchanged a pair of boots for this amazing acrylic bracelet that she made.

You can even see your watch through it!

She’s out of the jewellery game now, but this piece is so beautiful that I have to share. It is so scupltural! I also have a weakness for all things see-through. It started when another amazing artist I know, Samra Habib, asked if I had any clear, space age jewellery that she could use in a photoshoot. I did not. Realizing that I had a hole in my collection, I started accumulating it. And as of yesterday, I’ve started branching out into non-jewellery items, like this clear plastic deer figurine (although it’s destined for my Earnestine Etsy shop).

earnestine deer 2