Woman With A Past

blog dollsHere are some things (mostly) from my childhood that I have been carrying around with me forever. I always liked pocket-sized toys. Especially when I was well past childhood. So I could quickly hide the fact that I still liked to play with toys. Eventually these came to live in my dollhouse, which I sold when we moved because we had no room for a dollhouse after downsizing. I placed all the tiny inhabitants of the dollhouse into an old candy tin that my mom found for me. And I rediscovered it again last week when I was downsizing again.

blog snoopy lunchboxI also still have my childhood lunchbox by my side. I use it to help me sort things I’m selling on Etsy. But back in the day, I clocked a kid in the face with it (he was teasing me and I saw red and just swung out of blind rage) and sent him to the hospital for stitches.

I like to keep things in boxes.