Pottery Barn

blog potEven though I just BUNZ traded a whole bunch of mid century planters (I cannot keep any plant alive so they were just collecting dust), I still managed to acquire this 1970s, made in Israel vessel (I can maybe manage to use it as a vase for cut or dried flowers). Or as a thing that can hold rulers and any other stationery items that are too big for my pen holder.

And speaking of ceramics, I found this case (there’s a hole in the top of the head) at the Value Village a ways back. I had been trying to research it for ages with little luck. Then Romas Astrauskas, an artist that I follow on instagram posted a few pictures of art that his dad made in the 1970s. One piece was similar to this one,  plus, you know, it signed R. Astrauskas, so I messaged Romas and asked if it was by his dad and he said yes. I thought that this was neat!