In and Outs

imageI have two goals. One is to not bring new things into the house. Two is that if I do bring I  something new, two things gotta go. So here are the three new things I got this week. Above is an iron sculpture that I purchased for $5 at a yard sale across the street. The neighbour said she got it about twenty years ago in San Francisco. A little bit af sleuthing around the interwebs suggests that it was most likely made in India and is a figure of a Chital or Axis Deer.

imageI also scored this old image of U of T’s Trinity College Graduating Class of 1937. When I have more time, I mean to try and Google them.

imageI got the picture in a BUNZ trade for a Pandora ring. I especially love the old Curry’s label on the back of the frame. It’s good to know that Curry’s is still in business.

imageI also got this wee soapstone carving of a fish in the same trade. It is signed DIMU on the bottom. This is the signature of a German Canadian carver named Dieter Muckheim who was most active in the 1960s and ’70s. His work was mostly sold in touristy gift shops.

So on top of the Pandora ring, here’s what’s going out. I’m giving the corncob and banana prints to our friends Jen and Jamie. And I’ll BUNZ the injured Kosta Boda ram and Ant Man promotional mini billboard. According to the rules, I still need to come up with two more things to rehome.