Dollarama Dolls

DEE7198D-4E1C-45B9-A9DB-0918FC52AA4FI played with dolls well into my teenage years. In university I incorporated them into my artwork. I made a secret pact that when I was old and living in the home, I would again spend my days creating imaginary worlds with dolls.

65761804-F253-47C3-BE32-5F953BA1B5E0But why wait when the Dollarama is tempting me with $4 poupées? It is taking all my willpower to resist this Monster High girl (she is also a werewolf which is another weakness of mine).

EAA51C8A-8F8F-46B2-8D4F-AF300EA981D9I did cave and got this Monster High sea monster mini fig instead. It takes up less room. I also got this little Patty Tolan Ghostbuster because I love Ghostbusters and Leslie Jones.