The Craft

35ABB83C-8004-4CD9-871A-92C78E56B93BWhen I was a teen, there was no internet and very few resources for investigating new music or literature. So I used to buy books and records by their cover design.

Yesterday I went to the One of a Kind Show. And once again, I let looks play a role in my shopping decisions. Here’s what I bought (see above).

First, my ground rules. I am trying to show some shopping restraint, I gave myself a limited ($100) budget, a rule to not buy from vendors I bought from before (gotta spread the love) and a goal  to not bring too many new objects into the house (because of my strict one in, two out rule).

My first purchase was a pretty, floral tea towel by Avril Loreti. I was a fan of her geometric prints, this year her booth featuring digital prints of looser watercolour paintings. So pretty. So frameable.

I also got a lot of sweeties. Some Mary Macleod shortbreads (which broke my not buying from folks i’ve patronized before), an Alicja Confections chocolate post card (the packaging is so pretty), and some fruitcake. Since food just ends up in my belly, it doesn’t count as bring something new into the house.


And finally, I indulged in a pair of Life of Manek’s fur lined slippers made from repurposed coats. They are so comfy!