Fantastic Treats (And Where to Find Them)

always forget that Tuesday is the absolute worst day to hit the stores because it’s Senior’s Day. And as much as I love my elders, I don’t like shopping with them. They go out en force, so it’s super busy which cramps my hunting style. Plus they buy heaps of stuff which makes for long waits in the checkout.

Okay, breathe in and exhale. Rant over. The struggle was worth it because I got some great deals, like the vintage plastic bangles above. Love the carving and the creamy/peachy palette.

1E437F79-078C-4F6B-852F-445DB0663499Next up is a trio of tribal necklaces. Above is an African Bronze pendant suspended from a string of wood and brass beads. Below, a carved bone Baule style pendant, which I have since strung on a leather thong (though it deserves something nicer).

D36A3070-D2D8-46AC-8E5F-9A92809C419AAnd finally, there’s this feathery neckpiece. I haven’t been able to research it’s origins yet. I’m inclined to think South American. The neatest thing about it is that the pendant part is actually a sheath for a little wooden shiv. I shall dive deep into a research hole. Will keep you posted.