Unboxing Day

542293BC-D213-4FEA-A81B-C3AB529591A2Since I mostly buy vintage timepieces (recent Peanuts X Timex purchases notwithstanding), I’ve yet to participate in the Watch Internet phenomenon known as the unboxing. But while looking for Cyber Monday deals on picture frames and hanging gadgets, I slipped and bought a Seiko.

E1ECE0A1-6CE0-4E90-9C78-A3848C8A852ALet the slow striptease of the unboxing begin.

23528F78-DAF4-46B8-93FE-1459CB7D005E8494BA50-40E9-43A0-97F3-40F83D0608C1I’ve had my eye on the Seiko Recraft collection since it was introduced in 2014. Particularly this green-dialled model. I’m a sucker for this kind of late ’60s/’70s styling.

BBF181A4-A60E-4E9A-A3BC-42A1F5126101While it has vintage vibes, at 43.5 mm it has a much more modern presence. And it’s not a reissue or reinterpretation of a historic model, but it still honours the Seiko heritage.

B8426B56-C513-4194-BE70-C459B2A2A5D5And look, an exhibition caseback so you can admire the workhorse movement.

What made me pull the trigger? Well it was on sale (although even at full price it’s still a bargain for an automatic watch). The mechanism used (7S26C) has been around for ages and made in Malaysia, not Japan, are two reasons for it’s affordability. But still, a sturdy timepiece.

It is also nice to have some  new watches in the collection. My next new watch goal is getting a Nomos Glashütte, I just have to come to a decision on which model to get.