Finders Keepers

E597212D-F145-4E7F-9937-6AEE3B89DE18Speaking of not spending money, here are some recent finds curbside finds aka the Side Mart (a term I learned from artist Susie Love). First up, this Edwardian child’s dress that I discovered in a box full of sidcarded vintage clothing. This is the back of it. I love how many times it has been lovingly repaired. I gave it a gentle wash and the stains came out. I mean to frame it now.

61829CB1-3D6E-4715-9A96-B817B9BDD655I’d also been in the lookout for a footstool for our outdoor setup. I literally picked up and carried this wicker table/foot rest home on top of my head.

604343D0-9C8A-4087-BBE4-0A1DA48A762CAnd this Mountain bike was in a pile of things marked “Free for the taking” on a neighbours lawn. I originally took it just because I’d been walking all day and simply wanted to ride the bicycle home. Then I thought I’d take it to my mom’s so that I’d have a bike to ride there. But it is too small for me, so I reckon I’ll BUNZ trade it.