Year In Review: 2017 in Watches

This year I concentrated on checking some timepieces of my horological bucket list (plus a few watches that I was simply smitten by. Here is my my top ten (clockwise from top left):

1. A retro-looking Seiko ReCraft (I’ve wanted one for a couple of years now and finally pulled the trigger when I spotted it online at Amazon during their Cyber Monday sales).

2. A vintage Chanel Premiere (I had a fake from the 1980s but it was time to invest in the real thing).

3. A Timex X Peanuts Snoopy Weekender (I wanted a Lucy but found Snoopy on sale).

4. A Le Must de Cartier Tank watch (been after a mechanical one of these since I was 18, but never found one in my budget until I won a recent Waddington’s auction).

5. Most collectors want a birth year watch and I finally found this stainless steel, automatic Omega in a tiny Parkdale jewellery repair store.

6 & 7. A Jaeger-LeCoultre Etrier (again a long-searched for piece) and a Rolex Oyster. Both were lucky, post Christmas eBay deals (although I lost the Rolex at Baselworld — still offering a reward if anyone finds it).

8. Speaking of loss, here’s a Gucci 11/12. I had the bangle version of this classic 1980s piece and lost it only to find this marina chain model for $10 at the Value Village.

9. I became determined to get a vintage Oris because all of my fellow watch geeks have been rediscovering the brand. This one also has a nice green dial (can you tell from the Seiko and the Rolex that I have a thing for green dials?).

10. I couldn’t stop thinking about the Lucy Timex so I ordered that online.

Of course too many watches means that a big cull is on the way for 2017. Keep an eye on my Etsy shop to see what cool vintage pieces I’ll be sadly parting ways with.