6BF03B3B-203D-4AC8-8AE1-2D6BD805C396I have been feeling like the old tank is a little low on fuel lately. The holiday season always gets me a little down. Maybe this mood explains why I just bought these three mid century modern pitchers. Maybe they symbolize the need to fill up. Maybe they signify that I should also do more to serve my fellow humans (I’ve been trying to be more charitable, but it’s hard, man).

191024A3-BBF5-4988-9B5B-662CBC1D739AAnyway, these jugs are the result of some retail therapy. The top image is an example of 1960s Israeli Studio Pottery. I found a few identical examples of the same piece on the Internet. Although it is unsigned, it was attributed to either the Harsa or Lapid studios.

The salt glazed stoneware piece pictured above is signed Reinh. Merkelbach Höhr-Grenzhausen which was a German pottery that was best known for beer steins. The company was founded in 1843 by Rheinhold Merkelbach, but his ancestors had been potters since the 1600s.

88DEBE82-0234-471B-B212-490D87D5A0E5And finally, I also picked up another Heiner Boberg designed Mepal pitcher. These make great utensil holders and I think I’ll use it to house my insane collection of wooden spoons. The other two pieces I’ll list in my Etsy shop in the new year.