Year in Review: 2017 in Art


I added a few new pieces of art to the collection this year. Okay more than a few. Last year, I promised myself that I would try to focus on artist multiples and prints, but I just kept finding other cool things. And because I buy art from the heart  it was choose just ten pieces. But here we are and here they are (clockwise from top left):

1. Fon metal sculpture from Benin. A fantastic thrift shop find.

2. Plaster figure from the Value Village.

3. Osuitok Opeelee “Four Muskoxen” litho — a yard sale find.

4. Romas Astrauskas “Snake” drawing (I saw it on the artist’s Instagram feed and had to have it).

5. A collection of Amy Bowles’ “Moonfaces” from the Magic Gumball Machine of Fate at Artspace Youngspace.

6. Yves Saint Laurent “Opium” lithograph. I actually saved up to buy this baby from the Ian Drummond Collection.

7. Sylvia Schwartz “Portrait of a Young Woman.” I got this a a yard sale. The seller said it was his aunt. Turned out the photographer had a very interesting story as well.

8. Mexican black clay “Mermaid.” I first met this lady when we shot my friend’s Eric and Jonathan’s place for Covet Garden. This year Eric surprised me by giving her to me.

9. Unknown artist carved wood “Mermaid.” I am obsessed with all half-women/half-sea creatures.

10. Unknown artist “Fern.” Yet another second hand store discovery.